Outdoor Cabinet Systems Repair Service

As a business owner, we understand that keeping your Outdoor Cabinet Systems in excellent condition is crucial for your success. That’s why ASTAR is here to offer reliable repair services for all your cabinet needs. Whether you’re experiencing electrical or mechanical issues, our team is dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses and timely repairs. Reach out to us today for fast and friendly service you can count on.

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Outdoor cabinets are designed to protect telecom equipment from external threats in all normal or harsh climatic conditions. Our cabinets have multiple wall structure alternatives – from single-layer wall construction with light design to a multilayer construction designed for more demanding environment conditions. For cabinet cooling we offer – forced cooling (FC), active cooling (AC) and heat exchanger (HEX) or even combination of some of these solutions. Our optional 1U monitoring system monitors up to 3 temperatures, humidity, smoke / fire, door open status and has dry contacts for taking external signals to further optimize running of cooling systems for performance, noise etc. Our cabinets come in several sizes to ensure the right dimensions for all telecom equipment. A whole base station can be built inside our cabinets


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