ABB ACS350 – 7.5kW 230V 3ph to 3ph – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller ACS350-03E-31A0-2 Repairing Services

Our team of expert technicians are proud to offer AC inverter drive repairing services for the ABB ACS350 speed controller. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected breakdown or just need a tune up, our staff has the skill and experience necessary to get your equipment back in working order. You can trust us to help keep your business running smoothly.

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As a leader in AC inverter drive repairing services, we are proud to offer ABB ACS350 speed controller repairs to our customers. With our team of experienced technicians and customer-focused approach, you can count on us to diagnose and fix any issues you may be experiencing with your equipment. Don’t let a malfunctioning speed controller keep you from achieving your business goals – contact us today!

ABB ACS350 AC Frequency Inverter for 7.5kW (10HP) 230V 3 Ph motor in VxF or Sensorless Vector control to 31A. Simple to set-up for use with 3 phase 230V input and a three phase 230V standard AC Induction motor.

R4 Size – 423mm Wide x 260mm Deep x 243mm high IP20 case.

Overload – 180% x 2 seconds and 150% x 60seconds.
Speed Control Range – 0/500Hz.
Braking – To 7 Ohm minimum external resistor (not supplied) – use the ‘Which Resistor’ button on this page.

Features – 2 x Analogue Inputs, 5 x Digital Inputs, 1 x Analogue Output, 1 x Digital Output, 1 x Relay Contact set.
Programmable from a pc via ‘Flashdrop’.

Input Current – 50A.
Input Voltage – 200 to 240V three phase +-10% at 50/60Hz.

Wall mount in clean environment or cubicle mount.
Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space above and below – 75mm.
Ventilation space at sides – 0mm.
Heat Loss at max output – 327.8W.
Mounting onto symmetrical DIN rail or use the screw fixings for side or rear mounting.

Full part number is – ACS350-03E-31A0-2


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