ABB ACH580 HVAC IP21 5.5kW 230V 3ph AC Inverter Drive, HMI, DBr, STO, C2 EMC Repairing Services

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Get ready to experience efficient and reliable HVAC control with the ABB ACH580 AC inverter drive! With its IP21 rated enclosure, this drive offers superior protection against dust and airflow limitations. You’ll love the 5.5kW power output, 230V 3 phase supply, human machine interface (HMI) and a range of features like STO, C2 EMC, and DBr. Get yours today and enjoy optimized HVAC performance with ease.

If you’re tired of HVAC systems that don’t work efficiently, it’s time to switch to the ABB ACH580 AC inverter drive. This drive comes packed with features like STO, C2 EMC, and DBr, making it the ultimate solution for all your HVAC control needs. Its IP21 rated enclosure ensures protection against dust and airflow limitations, while the 5.5kW power output and 230V 3 phase supply make it perfect for both small and large applications. Invest in the ABB ACH580 AC inverter drive today and enjoy a hassle-free HVAC experience like never before!

ABB ACH580 HVAC series AC Inverter for 5.5kW (7.5HP) 230V 3 Ph motor to 12A when Fan/Pump rated. Operates in VxF or Sensorless Vector control and converts fixed frequency Three Phase 230V input to variable frequency 230V to control the speed of a standard AC induction motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor or synchronous reluctance motor.

Output Current: 24.5A
Peak Output Current: 32.7A for 2 seconds at startup.
Overload: 110% x 60 seconds every 10 minutes.

Size R2: 123.5mm Wide x 228.5mm Deep x 473mm High.
IP Rating: IP21.
Weight: 6.6kg

Speed Control Range: 0 to 500Hz.
Braking (DBr): Internal Brake Switch Fitted; External braking resistor (not supplied) to minimum 52 Ohms, maximum 5.3kW – see linked products below for compatible option.

Keypad (HMI): Removable Assistant Control Panel ACH-AP-H included – multi-lingual with multi-line LCD Display.
2 x Analogue Inputs, 2 x Analogue Outputs, 6 x Digital Inputs, 3 x Relay Contact sets.
Fieldbus: BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU and N2. (Twin wire)
Safe Torque Off: Terminals for dual channel SIL3/PLe STO. (Linked out as default)

Input Current: 24.5A.
Input Voltage: 200V to 240V three phase ±10% at 50/60Hz.
Input Fuse: 24.5A. gG (IEC) fuse can be used if operation time is less than 0.5s. See manual for uR or aR alternatives.
Built in choke to minimise supply harmonics.
EMC Compliance: to EN61800-3 1st Environment, C2 (Industrial and restricted domestic)

Cubicle Mount.
Rated Ambient: 40℃.
Ventilation Space: Above: 150mm, Below: 86mm, Sides: 150mm, Front: Not Given
Heat Loss at max output: 174W.
Mounting: via 4 x slotted holes at rear for M5 screws on 417mm x 98mm centres.

Full part number: ACH580-01-25A-2.


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